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​Welcome to the Bee Temple

The Path of the Sacred Bee Priestess is an embodied spirituality drawing upon many different traditions and lineages around the world.

As a Sacred Bee Priestess, I honour the Honeybee and weave her creative oracling powers, healing wisdom and messages to create a path of transformation and devotion.

The disappearance of the Bee due to disease and unnatural previously unseen behaviours is deeply concerning to me. The Bee is shouting at humans to wake up. Their sacrifice is happening now. The Bee is dying out locally and globally, with both managed and wild bees suffering. The greatest sacrifice of all is death, and the bee is now passing over to another world, into another dimension. As all bees are one, all bees are connected, and I do not wish them all to leave this Earthly plane.


My musings and teachings I have called the Lesser and Greater Mysteries of the Bee are a collaboration of work directly communicated by the Bees, plus the weave of channelled teachings and guidance from the Sacred Bee Priestess trainings I have run online and in person over the past 6 years.

The Lesser Mysteries are the more basic bee keeping methods, with everyday practical connections to bee keeping.

The Greater Mysteries have been held secretly for many years - shared by those who are trusted, and not to be repeated or shared.

Coming now into the Bee Temple, we are under the veil, surrounded by the energetics of mystery and secrecy traditions.

Many of the Greater Mysteries are beyond the logical mind, and you may uncover lost connections and past lives, Bee Temple secrets and Sisterhood Hive Mysteries.

There have been many academic and lay texts published about the honeybee, but there is a lost tradition of the Sacred Bee Priestess. It has been encoded in oral stories, myths, carved into stones, painted on rocks, sung into chants and songs from Celtic Shamanism, Egyptian, Indian, Native, and African – who all recorded their devotion to the bee.


Invoking the Bee Goddess by Angie Twydall

Bee Invocation - Hex 1Angie Twydall
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