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Sacred Bee Priestess Training - The Greater Mysteries
Bee temple doors open to applications now
starting November 2024

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Discover the Path of the Sacred Bee Priestess

Welcome to The Bee Temple, where we delve into the profound Greater Mysteries of the Sacred Bee and embark on a transformative journey towards love, healing, and happiness!

Sacred Bee Priestesses are needed again in this world to meditate and return to the archetype, allowing symbols, glyphs, images and visions to arise, even sound and scents to enrich the heart and inform the head.

Never underestimate the power of prayer, intention and ceremony to help save bees and call-in swarms.

The Bees help us let go of our own human ego and individualism.









We, like the bees, are here to serve for the greater good of all.

Becoming a student of this path asks for your commitment to return to your Hive within, the inner Hive of your heart, the geometric crystalline structure and energy that you are.


This is a doorway for you to be a wayshower for others to return back home to the Hive.

If you have access to honeybees – whether wild colonies up in trees, caves or log hives or you are a beekeeper then I hope you will put down what you have already learnt about keeping bees and develop the eyes of a child.

Be open, be enquiring, be enchanted by their magic.

They are messengers of the air carrying love around our beautiful planet, Mother Earth, Gaia.


In our Priestess training, we cultivate qualities such as respect, calmness, focus, devotion, and reverence. These virtues not only enrich our own lives but also deepen our connection with the bees and the path we walk together.


The hive serves as a powerful mirror that reflects an ancient matriarchal society. For over 120 million years, bees have embodied a model of harmonious coexistence that we can learn from and emulate. Join us as we explore this timeless wisdom.


We are dedicated to understanding and interpreting the profound messages carried by our buzzing friends. Through their actions, diseases, and even their deaths, they reveal to us the consequences of patriarchal systems driven by greed and profit at the expense of nature’s laws.


The disappearance of bees is not merely a coincidence but a stark reminder of how we have strayed from balance. By serving as stewards of their message, we strive to restore harmony with nature and build a future rooted in sustainable practices.

Applications are invited now.


Full price is £1686 for whole programme. 

Payment plans / installments available (terms and conditions apply – details sent on application).

Please note: application closes Midnight 31st March 2024


The Basic Bee keeping online course that I run, or a similar one done elsewhere is a pre-requisite to access the Sacred Bee Priestess course.

You will also need to complete an application form so I can be sure the course is for you. Once your application is received, then we will arrange an informal chat via zoom.

It is NOT essential to keep your own bees, but desirable. It is recommended you have a basic understanding of bee keeping to do this course.

The whole course is designed to cover one year of Sacred Bee Priestess Training. Immerse yourself in this sacred path and watch as it transforms your life on a profound level.


To enhance your experience further, we offer an optional in-person two-day Dedication & Celebration in Glastonbury, UK (dates TBC).

Connect with other Sacred Bee Priestesses and be witnessed as you dive deeper into the mysteries of the Bee Priestess tradition.


Online Content

  • 6 unique, online monthly modules delivered through my website, The Bee Temple. Each module contains information in pdfs, video and audios files.

  • Suitable for those committed to a deep work of process and attunement to the Blessed Bee.

  • Mid month live zoom calls for all Hive members – replays available if you are unable to attend live

  • Fees include all online content, and tuition

  • PLUS EXTRA optional inperson 2 day event at the Goddess Hall Glastonbury. Details on request at interview

You will receive a welcome email with the links to the zoom classes, together with the hexagonal preparations.

It is recommended you use your main computer, or ipad not your phone to get the most out of the training.

All monthly zoom sessions are recorded, so there is always a replay link if you are unable to make the live sessions.

Blessed Be,

Love Angie x

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